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Witnessing By QA International

Witnessing is a simple yet important tool to manage your supply chain process.

Container Stuffing and Loading Supervision

Making sure the correct product is loaded properly in a secure and safe container is an important step to help ensure you and your client receive what was ordered and received in good condition. QA International will send our inspector to the location that your containers are loaded and provide a key witnessing report with full details of the container stuffing process.

We will open cartons and check markings & labels to verify the correct product is being loaded. Next, a full inspection on your container is performed in accordance with the US Customs, C-TPAT, 7 – Point Container Inspection Checklist. We will then witness the stuffing process and apply our container seal. Of course, a full report with pictures is sent to you in 24 hours!

Purchase Order Management and Expediting

You have already chosen your factories, settled your pricing and placed your orders. Now you just need factual and timely information on the actual production status you need to ensure your schedules are met.

QA International offers PO Management and expediting services to provide you with the information you need. We will be onsite at your factory to provide you in-depth and up to the minute status of your orders. We will manage the purchase orders and survey every stage of the production processes through finishing, packaging and shipping.

QA International will provide impartial, daily reporting customized specifically to meet your PO Management needs. Don’t be blindsided by surprises that tie your hands. Stay informed, get the facts.

Eyes and Ears

Whatever the situation is, sometimes you just need your own eyes and ears on the ground to get you the real facts, not what you have been told. QA International can be called in at any time to be a witness to any circumstance. QA International has the resources where you need it. We can usually get someone to your area of need within 72 hours. In many cases within hours you will have our impartial, independent report to you, with facts and pictures. No job is too big, too small or too complicated to get you the information you need.