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Reliable Independent Sampling By QA International

Over 20 Years Experience Sampling 100,000’s of Products

You can’t afford cherry picked samples. Sampling is a proven way to help ensure and monitor the quality of products that are being manufactured and shipped. To make sure those samples truly represent what is being produced and shipped QA International ensures independent, random and traceable product sampling that is not cherry picked.

Every efficient testing program requires traceable samples to a given production lot. Our thorough and independent sampling will provide your testing program with reliable information on where and when the samples where selected.

Third party random sampling provides with a documented report for your assurance. QA International leads the industry with cutting edge reporting. Our concise, yet detailed sampling reports will provide you with the information you need to maintain control and accountability.

QA International Provides Efficient and Cost Effective Sampling:

  • We dispatch our sampler to COLLECT YOUR SAMPLES
  • We RANDOMLY SELECT samples from a traceable production lot or inventory.
  • We PACKAGE and SEAL your samples.
  • We DISPATCH your samples to the location of your choice.
  • We provide complete REPORTING and DOCUMENTATION.