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Reporting By QA International

QA International Reports are sent to you electronically withing 24 hours.

Report Management and Document Control:

Who gets your reports, how they are distributed & managed and what you do with them when the job is done is an important part of controlling your imported products. New regulations place great emphasis on traceability and document management.

With QA International you get your reports fast and there is no need to worry about losing or misplacing old reports, certificates or compliance documents. Your data is electronically filed and automatically backed up.

Valuable Web-Based Management Reports:

Everybody gathers information. But there is no value in gathering information if it is not being used. We give you one web location to store and view past, present, and future records complete with photos, data, and quality compliance activities. Search information by agents, factories, report numbers, even item and PO numbers. You will never lose anything ever again.

Your web page provides a snapshot of everything you need to know. Identifying factories experiencing problems, see where a test sample originated, zero in on product violations, social code of conduct issues, and safety compliance. Monitor and schedule services and shipments. Our technologies provide custom management reporting options, drop downs, markers, pop-ups and other interactive features.

With QA International reports and tools your agents, suppliers, and employees will be better informed and can better facilitate corrections, implement improvements and produce better products.

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