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How does QA International help ensure the quality of international shipments?

QA International represents medium to large sized businesses whose reputation is critical to the survival of their business and brand. These companies depend on the production of consistently good products at an affordable price point. QA International assists clients by auditing factories for compliance and safety, testing products, as well as inspecting production lines and plant procedures. In addition to witnessing order fulfillment and reporting to management, the gathered information is relayed to our customers in a truthful and complete manner.

What countries does QA International do business in?

QA International has clients who buy from countries in the Far East, Middle East and South America. The QA International main hubs of operation are located in the USA and in China. Our presence in China includes one of the largest inspection, auditing and laboratory operations in the industry. Our independent and commercial testing lab is approved by the CPSC in the USA and certified by the Chinese National Accreditation Scheme (CNAS) and China Metrology Association (CMA) in China. Accurate and fast testing and reporting services to manufacturers throughout China and Asia.

How can Quality Assurance save me money?

“Quality Pays” has been said many times in many different ways but the short of it is, poor quality cost everyone in the supply chain money. Whether it is the cost of reproducing, reshipping or lost sales and retailer penalties, non-conformance to the quality required by your customer will cost everyone money in the end. 3rd party intervention can help reduce your non-conforming quality problems and increase your profitability.