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International Quality Assurance Management

In 1993, QA International began developing and managing safety and quality compliance programs for importers of consumer products from the Far East.  As a pioneer, QAI’s knowledge and experience of the international 3rd party industry and local conditions gave us access to many reliable and honest 3rd party service providers in most of the major export countries selling consumer goods to the USA.  Wherever or whenever our clients needed on-the-ground-facts, QAI was able to get them the information they needed accurately and as fast as possible.

As an experienced importer, you are already familiar with the complex and ever-changing quality and compliance requirements in today’s global market place.  You know that you need strategies, solutions and reliable partners to make sure that you meet the needs of your customers and your global supply chain management.  Since our beginning, QA International has been providing importers with access to real-time reliable and verifiable data, pictures, reports and certificates that you need to make those intelligent business decisions.  Fast facts backed up by pictures and verified as true.  Whether it is sampling, inspections, audits, testing or simply witnessing certain conditions, QA International has the resources you need to get the job done when and where you need it.

China, China, China…

Over the years one of the great strengths was QA International’s vision to grow in mainland China.  As consumer product manufacturing continued to shift to China, so did QAI.  In 2003, QAI began the setup of our own laboratory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang China with the ideal partnership with Helmsman Quality and Technology Service, HQTS, of Fuzhou, Fujian China.  Together, QAI & HQTS boasts one of the largest and oldest ISO 17025 laboratories in China, HQTS-QA International Services – HQTS-QAI.  Combining our lab with a network of inspectors all throughout China, QAI and HQTS make up one of the most comprehensive quality providers in all of China!

Reasonable and Logical Approach to Quality and Compliance …

If you are looking for the cover-your-ass insurance policy approach to international quality and compliance… QA International may not be right for you.  If you are looking for a 200 page report of “Not Applicable” standards and regulations that do not apply to your products… QA International may not be right for you.  However, if you are looking for the information you need, just the facts, from a reliable and trusted partner, in a secure and efficient way… QA International is the one for you.

  • Trustworthy Partners
  • Local and International Experience
  • Fact Based Services
  • China Experts
  • Our own ISO 17025 Laboratory (CPSC Approved Lab ID#1041)

Value is not the big global 3rd parties attempting to sell every available service to you, nor is it the smaller Chinese laboratories that offer the cheapest quotes.

Real value means choosing a quality partner that possesses experience, knowledge, as well as an integrated quality management approach that is reasonable, affordable, and proven effective by experienced importers in the real world. Real value is choosing a partner you can trust.

Real value is QA International. Contact us to learn more.

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