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qai-auditing team


Factory Auditing

Ensuring socially responsible factory conditions, supply chain security or understanding how your factory maintains quality requires people in your factory who know how to audit and report to you the information you need



Production & Shipment Inspections

Having snapshots of actual conditions at the earliest stages of your production cycle allows you to make intelligent decisions. 3rd party inspections provide you facts and pictures at any point of time.

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Reliable Independent Sampling

You can’t afford cherry picked samples. Every reasonable testing program requires random sampling that is traceable to a given production lot. 3rd party random sampling provides you that assurance with a documented report.



Laboratory Testing

Safety compliance testing is mandatory in most countries and is a necessary element in your supply chain process. Laboratory testing can also help you determine a products’ physical integrity and performance. From chemical analysis to package transit testing we can help.

QAI container inspection witnessing process


Containerization & Loading Witnessing

Witnessing that the correct product is loaded properly into a container that is secure and clean is a terrific way to reduce damage control costs upon incoming. Our witnessing reports with pictures of your container and our seals will give you that assurance you need.



Web-based Reporting Platforms

Whether by email or via our secure web-based management system, we will ensure your reports are accessible to you within 24 hours. Or access them whenever you need them in the future 24/7.